Welcome to XII Brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is XII Brands?

XII Brands was created in 2020 to be the parent company of three major brands in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee: Five Ultimate, ARIA Discs, and Savage Apparel Co. The underlying motivation: that working as a team rather than competing allows us to grow stronger together and better serve our respective communities. We are already making moves to bring more brands into the XII Brands family in the near future.

What's the meaning of XII?

Five Ultimate was started in 2006 by five siblings: Zahlen, Xtehn, Vehro, Rohre, and Qxhna Titcomb. Savage Apparel Co. began in 2009, and the term Savage means playing a tournament with only seven players and no subs. What do you get when you add five and seven? That’s right: XII — or 12 if you don’t speak Roman. XII pronounced [eks ahy ahy].

What does this mean for the brands?

Five Ultimate, ARIA, and Savage Apparel Co. will continue to thrive in their respective branding identities. The changes will be more behind-the-scenes with increased efficiencies, shared resources, and collaboration. Five Ultimate will continue as Five, Savage will continue as Savage, and ARIA will continue as ARIA. Brands will be working together on larger projects like event management and regional partnerships. 

Was this a merger or an acquisition?

It is a merger. XII Brands is owned by the owners of Five and the owners of Savage. We are all equally invested in XII’s goals to create the best possible gear for the Ultimate community and beyond. 

Where are your offices?

XII Brands has offices in Richmond, Virginia and Seattle, Washington along with partner production houses in Canada, Europe, and Asia to allow for a worldwide reach.

What does this mean for Five Ultimate?

Five Ultimate will continue to maintain its offices in Seattle, Washington with most of the same core staff members including sales, design, and marketing teams serving their customers. Five Ultimate will continue to focus completely on the Ultimate market. Production will eventually shift to the XII headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

The founders of Five remain key stakeholders in Five Ultimate as well as co-owners of XII Brands. Five co-founder Vehro Titcomb will serve as Vice President of XII Brands.

What does this mean for Savage Apparel Co.?

Savage Apparel Co. will continue to maintain its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, with all of the same staff members including designers, sales reps, the production team, and marketing. Savage will continue to serve the Ultimate market along with athletes and teams in the worlds of disc golf, Spikeball, quidditch, soccer, dodgeball, and more.

The founders and owners of Savage remain key stakeholders in the company as well as XII Brands. Savage founder Todd Curran will serve as CEO of XII Brands along with Dan Curran and Dan Lee serving as VP of Production and Sales, respectively. 

What does this mean for ARIA Discs?

ARIA Discs continues to be headquartered in Seattle within Five Ultimate’s offices, but now production will take place at XII’s offices in Richmond, Virginia. Longtime ARIA Operations Manager Dani Osman will continue to serve as the company’s main sales and marketing contact. Expanding ARIA’s reach and exposing more people to the company’s products is a major focus of XII Brands.

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